When compensation really matters


If you have suffered an injury at work, or in a public place, on the road or after a medial procedure, you may be eligible for compensation and benefits.

At Thurlows Compensation Lawyers, we support the rights of all Australians and provide expert legal advice, negotiation and litigation services and represent people with claims ranging from minor injuries to catastrophic and complex cases involving brain damage and quadriplegia.

Our experienced compensation lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights and entitlements for you and your family.

Give us a call and we can step you through the process and ask about the work we do on a no win, no fee basis.

What Our Clients Say

Our aging mother was tragically disabled at the hands of a surgeon, who undertook a procedure that should not have been attempted. Gary George and the team at Thurlows Compensation Lawyers were able to secure her compensation in excess of $4million in a medical negligence claim they brought on her behalf. Gary and his team explained all the various steps they were taking on our behalf in clear and simple terms and made us feel an important part of the process. Could not recommend them more highly!

Name withheld by Thurlow Fisher

Thurlows Compensation Lawyers guided me through a very complicated workers compensation matter in which the insurer tried to argue that my medical issues were not as a result of my employment. The insurer simply would not concede. Thurlows Compensation lawyers continued to push the insurer and it was finally resolved upon the basis that the insurer conceded on everything.

The icing on the cake was when the insurer was slow to pay the settlement, the Principal of Thurlows Compensation Lawyers advanced me money to get me through in difficult financial times.

Would definitely recommend Thurlow Fisher to others!”

Greg Kettley

I was unaware that I even had the potential of making a claim, when a friend of mine suggested that I speak to Matthew Fisher. In the end I received a very substantial settlement cheque which has totally changed my life. This was in circumstances where I did not even understand I had the potential to make the claim.

Absolutely at the top of their game at what they do. Could not recommend them highly enough. They changed my life.

Julie Clark

I was involved in a minor accident with a truck while I was driving a rental car. I understood I would be liable for the insurance excess. At the suggestion of my sister I spoke to Matthew Fisher and Gary George. To my absolute amazement they were able to make a claim on my behalf and I now have a new car. Unbelievable!

Susie Dobson