Workers’ compensation for casual (and other workers)

If you’re a casual, contractor, seasonal or commission-based worker, you may be wondering whether you are covered under workers compensation laws. Generally, most ‘workers’ are entitled to claim workers compensation if they have been injured at work or acquired an...Read More

Have you been injured because of a defective product?

If you have sustained an injury from a defective product you may be entitled to product liability compensation. Under Australian Consumer Law, manufacturers are liable for personal injuries acquired through the use of their defective products. Below is a discussion of...Read More

Getting financial advice for personal injury settlements

Personal injury settlements are generally one-off compensation payments made for long term injuries and losses. As these types of payments are usually substantial, it’s important that recipients seek financial advice as to how to best manage their compensation...Read More

The benefits of using a lawyer to help with your TPD claim

There is a misconception that claiming Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) compensation is a straightforward process, however, preparing a TPD claim requires the inclusion of detailed information and substantial evidence, not to mention dealing with insurers who have...Read More